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Step 1. Choose one of the ten advertisement blocks' pixel and data size that is equals or larger than your ad size. See the following left, right and middle samples.

Note:  a) Choose from 5 banners, 4 skyscrapers and 1 large rectangle.

            b) Skyscrapers are to be placed on left or right block of the web page.

            c) Banners and large rectangle are to be placed on middle block.






Step 2. Use the following price table to determine an ad size and period of posting.

Block Name $ Daily $ Monthly $ Yearly
Full Banner 12.00 288.00 2764.80
1/2 Banner 7.20 172.80 1658.88
1/5 Banner 3.12 74.88 718.85
Slim Banner 6.00 144.00 1382.40
1/2 Slim Banner 3.60 86.40 829.44
Skyscraper 15.84 380.16 3649.54
1/2 Skyscraper 9.50 228.10 2189.72
1/5 Skyscraper 4.12 98.84 948.88
1/10 Skyscraper 2.22 53.22 510.94
Large Rectangle 15.00 360.00 3456.00


Note:  A handling fee of $15 or 5% of total payment amount whichever larger is included in the price table. Handling fee is not refundable. If the advertisement post amount is less than $15, the whole payment amount will not be refundable.  


Step 3. Send an email to indicating: ad types, post period, beginning date, web page to be posted. Attach the ads to the email for review.

Note:  The exact ad location in the web page will be determined by BesMerchan only.

Ad Posting Request Example:

Hi Ad Post Staff,

  My company want to post the attached one full banner and a 1/5 skyscraper to your page: for 3 months beginning from 6/28/2009. Please review.

Maria Juicy

Step 4. Wait about two business days to get approval from BesMerchan's ad post staff.

Approval Example:

Hi Maria,

  Your advertisement postings are approved. You can go to our web page  Step 5 to make the payment.

   Please wait at least two business days after payment is received for the ad to begin displayed. The exact ad location in the web page will be determined by BesMerchan ad post staff only. 

Thank you for your business!

Ad Post Staff

Step 5. After ad posting request is approved by BesMerchan staff, use the following pull-down menu and buttons to buy the posting period. Allow at least two business days after payment is received for the ad to be displayed.

Note: BesMerchan uses the popular, secured, and trusted PayPal payment system to serve our customers. BesMerchan does not know customer address and credit card information from the transactions between customers and PayPal. Daily rate payment is not mean to pay daily and must be pay in full.

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