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Our Mission

  We are product engineers and good housekeepers. We study product specifications and try some of them, then recommend the best in terms of usefulness (e.g. works great), simplicity in usage, quality (e.g. lasts for a long time), unique, and value (e.g. lowest price of the same feature). We explain why we think these products are the best in value and what products we have compared with.

  We are mature, objective experts, able to keep a cool mind in this world of powerful marketing persuasion. For example, we use mathematics, physics and objective facts to describe a car, do not consider a "sexy" or "love" feeling or appearance (marketing terms) a merit for buying, a car with an aero dynamic appearance, low air drag coefficient a valid merit.

  We hope that our product recommendation and analysis can:

  1. Save your money.

  2. Save your time to find a good product that fits best for most of us (the 90%).

  3. Avoid you from buying junky and/or wasteful products - it is good for you, society and the environment.

  4. Provide truthful, sincere, focused and expert product evaluations that are often lost in this world of powerful marketing persuasions of wastefulness.

  5. Many marketing persuasions are very close to lying when they ultra exaggerate usefulness, capability, durability, or ignore statistic result, or conceal very significant drawbacks. We want you not to be "cheated".

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