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1. Development of chronic diseases like gout, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems ... etc. are organ degenerations due to long-term abuse from food, activity, and environment.

2. The real cure for the chronic disease is the reversal of 1. above. With degenerated organs, you need to develop new good healthy habits that can really reverse the trend.

3. Some of the good habits (meaning life long activities) that could reverse the degeneration trend include:

    a) Control or minimize red meat intake. Have an appropriate overall protein intake.

    b) Accurate calorie intake for keeping optimal body weight.

    c) No smoking, no drugs, no soda, no sugary (or sugar substitute) drinks.

    d) Ensure proper physical activities and enough rest everyday.

    e) Do not continuously sit too long - must get up and stretch for 10 minutes after every one hour of sitting, for example.

    f) Keep with good moods, forgiving and enjoy what you have and do not worry about what you want to have.

    g) As a critical portion of the total treatment of all kinds of the chronic diseases, find several low cost, easily available (mostly raw) vegetables as medicine to fight the chronic disease directly. Sustainability is the key - meaning that the foods must be conveniently and constantly used all life long.

4. Consider a), b), ... to f) above as fundamental steps to stop the causes of organ degenerating. g) is the fight to significantly reverse the degenerated organs. a) to g) all to be working together to make a difference.

5. Western drugs that are designed to block body's normal functions, like pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, only cover up the symptoms, not really cure diseases by resolving the root causes. Long term effect of these kind of the drugs are harmful to the organs and therefore should be use only in emergency and temporary basis.

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